Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cinematic Home Decor: Get Him to the Greek

I have a decent-sized collection of favourite movies, that I own or watch a lot simply because of the set design and decor. Atmosphere and aesthetics are so interesting to me and if something captures my attention visually I will keep coming back.  I decided a series to feature some of my favourite movies and their inspiring interiors was in order.

When my Fiancé and I rented Get Him to the Greek the last thing I expected was to become so enamoured with the decor. I watched it twice in a row to soak it all in.

It's incredibly bohemian, with a carefully-constructed wabi sabi vibe. I love the bright pops of colour, the shag rug throw, and the row of tall glass vases. A lot of it is translatable to real life; but there are some more fantastical elements such as the mod indoor pond, the interior cactus garden, and even that big picture window that are simply fun to look at. (*the rustic home featured in this movie is actually for sale.)

Look out for more featured movies and TV shows, and throw some suggestions at me if you share my love of cinematic interiors.

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  1. I so agree with you! I also get inspiration for my home decor projects from movies. Some of the tacoma wa apartments are inspired by Hollywood taste.